Wacky Pest Wednesday: Greenheads

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Happy Wednesday, Tri-County Pest Control, and welcome to our latest edition of Wacky Pest Wednesday!  This Wednesday, we’re covering yet another common summertime pest: the greenhead fly.

Greenhead flies are no stranger to the residents of South Jersey, as they will almost exclusively feed on residents and tourists in the region during the summer months.  Those living near marshes or stagnant water are disadvantaged to the greenheads, as they need to be near still water to breed.

One of the reasons why people have a very unfavorable view of greenhead flies is because they actually hurt when they bite.  Whereas a mosquito will use its needle-like nose to penetrate your skin, the greenhead fly will quite literally take a chunk out of your arm, and then feed on the blood the ensues.

Thankfully, there are a few easy prevention methods to combat the greenheads this summer.  One of the easiest ways is to grab a bottle of Listerine or a similar mouthwash, and rub the liquid all over your arms and legs.  The flies cannot stomach the scent of strong mint, so the Listerine is an easy and environmentally-friendly way to keep them off of you.

Should the greenheads get past your defenses, always know that you can call in the cavalry for help.  We can set up prevention and removal treatments to rid the greenhead infestation, no matter what stage it’s in.  Give us a call today for a free estimate!

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