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This time of year, insects are in their prime, taking the chance to swarm almost everywhere they can.  One insect that we’ve noticed in abundance this season is the dragonfly—they seem to be everywhere.  So, what gives?

Dragonflies, just like some types of butterflies and birds, are migratory.  They’ll travel north in the summer to escape the heat and to lay their eggs, and just by chance, our region of South Jersey is prime real estate in the dragonfly-migration route—they go straight up the Atlantic.  As the summer progresses, expect to see more and more dragonflies.

In addition, the winter we just had also has a hand to play in the large number of dragonflies that can be seen this season.  Thanks to the overall mild temperatures, the dragonflies and their hatchlings were able to thrive and not totally shut down.  On the other hand, one of the staples of the dragonfly diet—the mosquito—was also able to benefit from the mild winter, and as a result, has an increased population this summer.  With a larger food supply and number of hatchlings, no wonder why we see so many dragonflies.

However, just because there is a large amount of dragonflies roaming around does not mean that they are a pest.  Despite their menacing appearance, the dragonfly is harmless to humans, as the worst that they can possibly do to you is bump into you while whizzing by.  In fact, dragonflies can be extremely beneficial to both you and your property, as they will eat most insects we call pests.  Their favorite foods are mosquitoes, moths, and beetles, and they can eat their entire body weight in just about half an hour.  This being said, dragonflies can be a great addition to your pest control methods this year.

People living near bodies of water, like by marshes, lakes, and the beach are prone to see a very large number of dragonflies, as they love being near water.  Believe it or not, they absolutely hate to be indoors, so there is a little to no chance of a dragonfly infestation happening.  They need to be outside to survive, and will only come into your home through an open door or window upon accident.  

So, Tri-County Pest Control fans, try not to scorn at the waves of dragonflies that will be around this summer.  Not only do they look cool, but they are here to help control the large mosquito population (and with Zika on the loose, it’s probably good we have so many dragonflies this year).  They are friendly creatures who are just passing through our little slice of home.

While they are great, dragonflies cannot assuredly get rid of all of the mosquitoes plaguing your yard.  We can.  Give us a call today for a free estimate on our mosquito prevention plan to have a bite-free (and Zika-free) summer!

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