Wacky Pest Wednesday: Beetles

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Hey all you Tri-County Pest Control fans—a very happy Wednesday to you!  We’re back with another edition of Wacky Pest Wednesday, and today we invite you to join us as we cover many critters that share a common name: the beetle!

Believe it or not, beetles are not a specific species, but rather a large group of different kinds of beetles—they just all happen to share the same name. Scientists refer to this kind of group as an “order,” which just means that the term “beetle” represents over 350,000 different kinds of individual species. Yes, this is a wild number of beetles, but scientists believe that there are still thousands of different species of beetles that have not been discovered yet. How’s that for wacky?

Despite this staggering number of beetles, there are a few that you should keep your eye out for.  For example, the Japanese beetle, bark beetle, and Asian longhorned beetle are all invasive pests that you should watch out for. Seeing one of these guys could indicate that a larger problem is looming and should be addressed. Yet, there are also plenty of other beetles that are not pests, and even some that are pretty friendly, like ladybugs. 

Regardless, beetle infestations can happen, so should you spot a few in your home feel free to call in the professionals to check it out. We’ll be there in no time to assess the situation and to give a treatment plan should one be needed.

Did you know that beetles have been around since the dinosaurs?  Indeed, beetles have been sharing the world with other critters for the past 270 million years, so don’t feel like you’re the first one to come across a beetle infestation should it happen to you!

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