How to Spot a Termite Infestation

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Termites are one of the most destructive pests out there, accounting for plenty of headaches for homeowners nationwide. Given the sheer amount of structural and monetary damage they can cause, it’s imperative to spot a termite infestation as soon as possible so that it can be taken care of. Keep on reading to learn how you can spot a termite infestation before it’s too late!

Buckling or Drooping

One of the most obvious signs of a termite infestation are drooping or buckling floors or sections of drywall. A termite’s favorite food is wood, and because wood comprises the structural underpinnings of both your drywall and your floor, seeing them droop or buckle is seeing a termite feast. In addition, seeing drywall discolored can also be a sign that termites are hard at work behind the scenes. Unfortunately, these are all signs that the termite infestation has progressed a good deal. However, quick action to remove them is still needed to prevent the damage from getting even worse.

Mud Tubes

A subway for termites, mud tubes are a principle way in which termites move from their underground nesting spots to the wood in your home. These thin, brown, pencil-like tubes may appear where the foundation of your home meets the ground. Mud tubes are a sure-fire way to tell if you have a termite infestation, so be sure to check your foundation on the regular for any recent developments.

Termite Droppings (Frass)

Yes, it is absolutely gross, but seeing droppings in your house is an easy and effective way to identify an infestation. As termites chew through wood, they need a place for their waste to go, and they will push it out of the sides of the wood, which causes them to pile up on the floor. If you can see dark, wood-like, powdery mounds (think coffee grounds or sawdust) around the wood in your home, you may have active termites nearby. 

It goes without saying, but should you notice any of these things in or around your home, give the professionals a call right away. The above 3 things are just a small sampling of how to spot an infestation, but every little bit helps in preventing these nasty critters from causing some real damage to your home. And of course, if you’re not sure what you’re looking at, give us a call and we’ll take a look at it in no time.

Stay vigilant out there!

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