How to Keep Pests at Bay While You’re Away!

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With all of those vacation days piling up, it may be time to take a trip to somewhere new. Whether yo


u’re planning to travel to another state or another continent, here are a few simple things you should do before you leave to ensure that critters don’t sneak in the back door while you’re gone:

Clean Before You Go

Seems like an obvious tip, but cleaning before you head out can greatly reduce the chance of a pest infestation while you’re away. As a staple rule, make sure that your kitchen is clean of any food scraps and do your due diligence to take out the trash and recyclables. In addition, try your best to wash the dishes in the sink—or at the very least—throw them in the dishwasher. By removing both what’s under and in your sink, pests will have less of a reason to infiltrate and party while you’re gone.

Sort Your Perishables

Another extremely easy thing to do, but still so often overlooked. After your bags are packed, take a quick inventory of your fruit out on the counter and see how they are coming along. If they are currently ripe, and if your trip will be a week or longer, either bring them along or throw them in the trash. Same goes for bread and any other foods that may have a strong smell associated with them rotting. It’s gross to us, but pests absolutely love the smell of rotting and molding food, and many critters out there have a strong sense of smell that will have them coming from all directions to sample those nasty foods. So, do yourself a favor and throw those things out before you head out the door.

Call in the Cavalry

Giving a quick call to the professionals a few days before you embark can be pretty helpful in keeping pests out. Professionals like us can come up with customized comprehensive plans that will ensure that the pests stay out while you’re away and even well after you return. We can take the worry and work out of preparing your house for pest defense, so that all you need to focus on is the best places to eat on your journey.

Should you follow these tips, you will come back to a clean and pest-free home once you are done making memories away. All it takes is a little bit of effort, and you can get a whole lot of gain.

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