Getting Ready for Spring Pest Defense

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With the clock change over the weekend, spring is getting closer and closer. The actual equinox will be next Thursday, but there’s still plenty to prepare you for spring besides moving your clocks up an hour. Spring is one of the most active times for pests to be out and about, so take time now to prepare to defend against them. Read on to find out how you can keep your home pest free during the spring!

Spring Cleaning to the Max

Spring cleaning is called spring cleaning for a reason, so make the most out of it! Pests absolutely love messes, so try your best to eliminate any and all messes that you may have around your house. This not only covers food messes, but also clutter. Plenty of pests love to take refuge in the clutter around your home (think of brown recluse spiders) so use the spirit of spring cleaning and take out the clutter around your home, especially in damp places.

Reduce Moisture

When it’s time to start the spring cleaning regiment, don’t neglect your gutters or other areas around your home that attract moisture. One of the biggest reasons why pests come around your home is that they are looking for a place to stay, and water is a necessity. By eliminating water sources around your home, you are reducing the chances of a pest infestation from taking hold. So, put on the gloves and clean out the gutters, remove any wet or decaying wood, and be on top of all plumbing issues if anything pops up.

Get Out in the Yard

Don’t limit your spring cleaning regiment to just the indoors—if you take it outside, you can greatly reduce the chances of an infestation plaguing your household. Yes, stick to the gutters and rotted wood regiment we suggested above, but also take the time to trim back any plants that are touching the exterior of your home or stray debris outside. Pests can use them as a bridge to get into your home, so by eliminating them you are taking out a main way for them to get inside. No need to get fancy here, just a few hours and a little bit of elbow grease will do.

The wonderful time of spring brings many things with it, but don’t let a pest infestation be one of them. Stick to these tips and you should be good to go, but feel free to give us a call for more advice.

Happy cleaning!

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