To Bee, Or Not To Bee

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Bees, as a whole, are one of nature’s most beneficial creatures.  Not only do they produce great tasting honey, but they are also responsible for pollinating several crops that the human population cannot live without.  However, their numbers are slowly dwindling, which is a huge problem for society.  So, this week we’re sharing with you some easy ways that you can help out the bees in your area, and help these critters keep doing what they do.

Despite their scary reputation, a bee doesn’t want to sting you.  They will only do so out of self-defense of the hive, because once they attack, they will die.  With this being said, please know that a bee isn’t out to get you; he just wants to do his job.

A bee can work up quite a thirst doing his job in these hot summer days, and believe it or not, dehydration is a major killer in bees.  To be a friend of the bees, just put out a basin of water somewhere in your yard, preferably near your garden or some flowers.  This will provide them with a place to take a break, and get a well-earned drink of water.

Another thing you can do to help out the bees in your area is to buy locally produced honey.  While this may be a little hard to find in the supermarket, a quick trip to your local farmer’s market (which are oh-so abundant this time of year) will help you find local, organic honey.  By buying locally produced honey, you are sending a message to the local beekeepers that you like how they are treating their bees, and it will support them to continue their endeavors.  As opposed to mass-produced honey, local honey does not treat hives or the bees with chemicals, or better yet, adds in flavoritives and other junk that is not healthy.  For your own sake and the bees, buy local.  Did we mention that it tastes better, too?

Finally, if you have quite the green thumb or have an interest in gardening, planting bee-friendly plants can be one of the most beneficial things you can do for a bee.  Plants like mint, tomatoes, sunflowers, and honeysuckle are some favorites in the bee community.  If you don’t have the best gardening skills, even buying a potted sunflower at the store and leaving it outside can greatly help the bees, and add some color to your yard!

Without bees, the human population could be in great trouble.  That is why it is on all of us to do what we can to help out the bees, and make sure our children can reap the benefits that we have.  This summer, don’t view bees as a pest, but as a friend—a friend who wants to do good, and a friend that is great to keep around.

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