Wacky Pest Wednesday: Cicadas

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Happy Wednesday, Tri-County Pest Control fans, and welcome to our latest edition of Wacky Pest Wednesday!  This week, we’re covering a pest that provides the sound of summer: cicadas.

Cicadas (or locusts, as they’re sometime referred as) are critters that come out during the summer to feed on various plants and tree branches.  Many people believe that these pests only come out once every 13 or 17 years, which is only half-right–there are periodical cicadas (those that only come out after a decade), and there are annual cicadas (who come out every year).  The latter is extremely common in our region.

These pests become most active at night, and let the world know of their presence through a long, drawn out hum.  This can annoy some homeowners, especially those who try to carry a conversation over the deafening tone.

While cicadas cannot pose a danger to you (except for your hearing), the only harm they can cause is with your plants.  Since they surface only once a year, they are hungry, and will eat almost anything green in sight.  To protect your plants from the ravenous critters, we encourage you to protect your plant with some type of netting.  Other than that, the best thing you can do is to watch over your garden, and manually remove the cicadas yourself.  Unfortunately, due to their large population size, there is not much we can do to help combat cicadas.

We may not be able to control the cicada population at large, but we can control any pest that dares to enter your home.  One quick call to us is all you need to be assured that you will be pest-free for years to come.  For a free estimate, call us today!


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