Wacky Pest Wednesday: Assassin Bugs

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Good Wednesday to you, Tri-County Pest Control fans!  We are back with yet another edition of Wacky Pest Wednesday, and today we invite you to join us as we cover a spring and summertime pest that you may find waltzing around your patio: the assassin bug.

The assassin bug, or “masked hunter” as they are also referred to as, is a predatory type of pest that comes around in the warmer months.  Originally from the other side of the world, this pest was accidentally transported to the Americas, and now runs rampant in the Eastern and Central parts of the United States.  These guys may look like beetles at first glance—thanks to their 6 legs and brown color—but upon closer inspection you will find that these bugs have a “cone” shape to them, where they are very thin at their heads and widen as you work your way down.  The moniker “assassin bug” comes from two distinct traits of the critter: it’s venomous bite and ability to camouflage. However, unlike most bugs that camouflages, this pest will actually use other pests to hide itself. They are known for taking dead ants and skewering it with their antennae, creating a bizarre form of armor.  If that wasn’t enough to creep you out, the assassin bug feeds on their prey in an extremely bizarre way: first, they’ll stab the poor critter with their mouth, inject a type of saliva that will liquifies the insides, and then slurps them right back up. Now, how’s that for wacky?

Assassin bugs typically feed on smaller pests, such as earwigs, woodlice, and even bedbugs.  They will also avoid homes, but will waltz in if they sense a nice meal. That being said, by keeping bedbugs and other pests out of your home you greatly reduce the chance of an assassin bug coming in.

Now, not all plans are perfect, and you may find one in your home at one point or another.  When times like these arise, know that you can call on Tri-County Pest Control for swift and competent removal.  

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