Defending Rodents This Summer

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In these warmer months, you may start to notice more and more rodents wandering around your yard or neighborhood.  From raccoons to opossums to squirrels to groundhogs, these animals come out to look for a quick bite to eat, but can also bring some unwanted effects, such as disease and general annoyance.  Thankfully, we have a few simple tips in mind to keep the critters out of your yard this summer!

More often than not, rodents wander into your yard because they think they can steal an easy meal.  That being said, if your trash is easily accessible, you can bet that you’ll have a party at your place in a couple days once the raccoons figure out how to break into the bag.  That being said, using lids on your trash can is a simple and effective way to keep rodents out. Just be sure that you can secure the lids down to the can so that a small breeze won’t knock them off.

If all the trash has been picked up but rodents are still adventuring into your yard, then we recommend to amp up the defensive strategy.  In our opinion, one of the most effective defenses you can use is a motion activated sprinkler that you can just hook up to your hose. These sprinklers are basically engineered to keep rodents away, especially if you find a sprinkler that has lights and sounds.  The last thing rodents want is to get wet, so if they see water flying all around your yard, they will most certainly avoid it. On the other hand, some natural sprays and repellents may work well, too. Try to pick out ones that have citrus, ammonia, or other bitter-smelling additives in them.

However, by no means do we encourage you to go out and try to forcibly remove the animal or take it in as a pet—they can be dangerous, disease-ridden, and can cause serious harm to you and your family.  Should you feel unsafe with an animal on your property, please call animal control right away. Otherwise, make use of our tips or call us in to set up some seasonal defense tactics on your property.

From all of us at Tri-County Pest Control, we hope you have a fun, safe, and rodent-free summer!

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