The Favorite Foods of Pests

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From hot dogs to cheesecakes, we all have a favorite food.  While some may be a little stranger than others, the foods we love can be considered an extension of our personality, and sure does make for a great icebreaker when in a crowd.  But did you know that pests, too, have their own favorite foods? And just like humans, what they love to eat certainly says a lot about themselves. Keep on reading to see what some critters love to much on!


The roach—the most infamous of pests—certainly loves to have a healthy diet of just about anything.  If it has fallen on the floor, you can bet that a roach will scurry over to grab it in a jiffy, and they certainly don’t care too much for what it is.  Yet, even with that easy of a palate, roaches certainly have their favorite. The jury may be out on whether or not it counts as an actual “food,” but cockroaches absolutely love beer.  They love it so much, in fact, that beer has been employed in many DIY traps to great success—they simply cannot get enough of it!


Oh spiders: eight legged, nimble, and cunning, they can certainly strike fear in many a person.  They may not be your favorite to have around (hey, what pest is?) but spiders do play an important part in the local ecological system due to their diets.  Spinning their webs, spiders seek to grab a tasty meal of housefly or mosquito, both representing some of their favorite foods. Believe us, while they may seem scary, you are certainly not on their menu, so if you see one outside, relax and think about all the good it is doing to help keep your surroundings a little less ridden with pests.


A smaller pest from the rest, bedbugs still retain an insatiable appetite.  Hiding during the day and coming out on night, bedbugs serve as the embodiment of real-life vampires: their thirst for blood is what keeps them going!  If you have ever seen a bedbug bite, the red spots on the skin is where they pierced and sucked the blood out of—the more there are, the more they drank up.  Not only is it gross, prolonged bites are not good for your health, which is why it is imperative that a bedbug infestation be dealt with right away. Should you see one, you better believe that more are afoot, and you should reach out to the professionals right away.

Favorite foods can mean a lot about a person, and they can tell how much of a pain a certain bug will be for you.  Let us know if you have seen any of these critters around your home, and we will be there in no-time to root them out.

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