Tri-County Pest Control Tips: Don’t store away the pests, too!

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The holidays have quickly come and gone, and now it’s time to take on the much-dreaded task of storing away all of those prize decorations until the next yuletide season.

Not only can some of your trimmings be sensitive to extreme heat and cold, their storage bins, boxes and bags can also serve as prime shelter and nesting agents for unwanted pests.

Therefore, we have put together some tips and tricks to keep the pesky critters from stowing away in your holiday goods:

  • If you or your family members created any decorations with edible pieces, throw them away. This is not the place to be sentimental as any food will be sure to attract bugs and other larger mammals.
  • If you had put up an artificial tree, shake it well before storing and then stow it away in a thick plastic bag. This is especially true if you had any food item ornaments.
  • Pack all decorations in a sturdy, well-sealed plastic container. Pests can easily burrow through paper and plastics. They’ll be harder-pressed to chew through plastic.
  • Wash all fabric-based trimmings before storing them. Additionally, keep your all of the areas where you store decorations dry and well-ventilated. This will make the area less attractive to a wide array of pests.
  • Try to keep the space – whether it be your basement, attic or garage – as orderly as possible. Pests like to lay their eggs, build nests and find home in areas confined and cluttered spaces. Warm and dark spaces will also give them more reason to stay.

By following these simple tips, you’ll be less likely to find any surprises when it comes time to deck your halls next year!









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