Tri-County Pest Control Q&A: Treating your business

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Hi everyone and welcome to our latest edition of a “Tri-County Pest Control Q&A”. Today, we are focusing on some of the questions business owners may have when researching pest control companies.

Q. What types of industries does Tri-County Pest Control Serve?

A. Some of these industries include (but are not limited to) Healthcare, Hospitality, Property Management, Education and Retail.

Q. How long has Tri-County been servicing commercial accounts?

A. We have been serving clients across a host of commercial landscapes for approximately 25 years.

Q. Why should a business owner choose a professional pest control company such as Tri-County?

A. One of the most important reasons, we believe, is reputation management. In this age of social media when one bad pest incident can quickly turn into a viral disaster, our preventative programs will keep pests in check so they never become an issue. We also hold a slew of certifications from the top organizations in the pest control industry.

Q. Security is a huge concern for every business owners these days. How can I trust Tri-County to come into my place of business?

A. Our service technicians go through comprehensive background and security checks prior to us considering them for hire.

Thanks for taking the time to read this week’s “Tri-County Q&A”. Please stop by next week for our next edition.

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