Baking today? Keep the holiday pests at bay!

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Going to be doing some (more) baking this holiday season to share with friends and family? If you have experienced this before, you know nothing quite ruins a day of making tasty holiday treats then finding your pantry or other storage areas overrun by unwanted pests.

Keeping these types of pests at bay will not only serve to save your baking ingredients, but also your finished holiday products.

The types of items these pests seek out include spices, types of candy, chocolate, grains and certain dry cereals.

Here are a few tips from your friends at Tri-County Pest Control to help you and your families prevent these pests from taking over your pantry:

  • A pest called merchant grain beetles can easily make their way into canisters and dry goods, where they will then eat, live and reproduce, causing a major situation in your pantry if the problem is not identified and quickly resolved. One tip to keep these pests at bay is to add one bay leaf to packages and other items in your pantry. The smell of the bay leaf will repel these beetles and keep them out of your ingredients.
  • Another pantry-loving pest – the Indian meal moth – loved dried fruits, nuts and seeds, as well as other baking delights listed above. To keep these pests at bay, store pantry food in thick plastic containers with secure, airtight seals.

We hope your baking adventures include fond memories of time spent with friends and family, not dealing with pests infestations!

However, if you do have an issue that is out of control, call us any time here at Tri-County Pest Control and we’ll take care of it for you.

Hoping you all enjoy the remainder of your holiday season!







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