New Year, No Pests Resolution Tips from Tri-County Pest Control

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In the New Year, some of us resolve to eat better. Others have set their sights on losing weight. Yet others have loftier dreams of starting a new business, or taking that once-in-a-lifetime vacation. Here at Tri-County Pest Control, we want to help you stay pest-free in 2015!

Here are a few, simple tips from us to achieve at least one of your New Year resolutions!

  1. Make sure all of the entrances to your home and/or office are sealed tight. Many pests can fit into even the smallest and most obscure openings. Inspect screens, weather stripping and and pipes leading into the structure.
  2. Trim any bushes and tree limbs back so they’re not touching your home. Heavy brush is prime shelter spots for pests, and they will use tree branches as a super highway onto the roof and in.
  3. Secure trash and recycle can lids and store them at least a few feet away from your home. Don’t make it easy on pests to achieve a meal from your leftovers. The same should be said of any pet food or bird seed.
  4. Store leftovers soon after completing a meal and wash down countertops, tables and other eating surfaces. Crumbs and such left behind are just inviting unwanted pest visitors. Clean up and stow away!
  5. Have your home regularly maintained and inspected by one of our top techs at Tri-County Pest Control. Our preventative measure will keep your home and office pest free well into the New Year!

Take these simple steps and your home and office should remain pest free for 2015!






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