Tri-County Pest Control: Rodents & Your Health

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Rodents, for as long as humans can remember, have been a proverbial thorn in our sides when it comes to health concerns. Rats and mice, in particular, have been a pest problem for humans since antiquity. In fact, one could make the argument that rodents indirectly caused the worst pandemic in human history, resulting in the deaths of 30-60% of the population in Europe. Rodents are notorious as disease vectors, and are known to carry 60 or more diseases.

Here are some fast facts we put together when it comes to these diabolical pests:

  • In their hunt for survival, they journey through some of the most disgusting environments on earth.
  • They are adept at locating water, food and shelter.
  • Some rodents (mice and rats) can squeeze though extremely minute spaces.
  • In approximately one week, they can leave in their wake more than 1,000 droppings.
  • Rodents carry such diseases as mites, fleas, tapeworm, ringworm and deer ticks — all which can be riddled with harmful disease

If you have a rodent problem, don’t risk yours and your family’s health, call Tri-County immediately!

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