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While it may not feel like it outside, spring officially begins in a short 25 days. There are several ways you can get ready for the (hopeful) thaw by taking these preventative tips from us and applying them to the exterior of your home:

Trimming back plants and ditching the mulch – We recommend taking a few hours of a temperate day and trimming back your tree branches or shrubs that pests could use as a “bridge” to your home. If at all possible, much sure none of your landscaping elements are physically touching your home. Additionally, if possible, use rock or stone as a decorative ground cover as mulch provides a perfect safe haven for a variety of pests.

Keep exterior entertaining areas trash-free – Rid any outdoor areas such as decks, patios, your yard and even your garage of standing water, weeds and litter that may have blown in. Pests will gravitate towards spills and standing water, and, with our area having been in a deep freeze lately, all of this ice will eventually melt.

Switch out exterior lights – Don’t want pests to congregate around your exterior lighting fixtures? We recommend you replace them with halogen lights. Why? Because pink, yellow or orange-tinted bulbs are less attractive to pests.

Recycle bins – We encourage you to store any bins which carry recycled items away from the immediate exterior of your home. In addition to this measure, make sure all bins have tight-fitting lids and are rinsed frequently.

Whether you believe it or not, the thaw will eventually be here and we want you to be ahead of pests that will may be attracted to items around your home. Remember, however, to always call upon us in any situation you think may result in an invasion.




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