Tri-County Pest Control: Planning for Spring Pests

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Believe it or not, Spring is a mere five weeks away. As you may find yourself stuck inside for longer periods
of time due to frigid temperatures and inclement weather, now may be a good time to tackle the preventative measures ahead of potential warmer weather pest invasions.

A little work can go a long way. We can’t image you wants pests such as spiders, carpenter ants, cockroaches and silverfish invading your indoor space once the spring thaw hits. Therefore, we encourage you to begin your spring cleaning a little early in order to stop these notorious pests from inciting an all-out invasion of your home or business.

Here are our tips for a thorough spring cleaning:

  • The Kitchen: Get beneath the stove, sink and refrigerator – all ideal spaces for insects and mice. Pull major appliances away from the walls and pick up those pesky crumbs you would have otherwise forgotten about. Dust your cabinets and shelves and remember to use tightly-sealed containers for any long-term storage.
  • Perform a thorough inspection of all points of entry into your home or business: Replace any screens which have incurred holes or even small openings – allowing pests to enter. Make sure all entry points are closing tight. Additionally, check under all sinks and in any basement or crawl space for excess moisture or collecting water.

No one wants pests invading and contaminating their food or damaging their property. Taking these few extra steps in the cleaning process will serve you will when the thermometer does (finally) begin to climb again.




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