Tri-County Pest Control Q&A Friday – Recognizing Termites

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Hi folks and welcome to a Tri-County Pest Control Question and Answer Friday – a new series in which we are taking some of the most common pest-control questions and answering them for you. We also invite you to submit your own questions and we’ll have one of our own experts answer them the following week.

Because spring is a season well-known for real estate buying and selling, today, we’re going to answer a widely-asked question regarding termites.

Q. How does one actually recognize a termite or termite damage?

A. Termites generally become more visible during the early Spring, which is now. They can often be confused with flying ants, however, more obvious signs can include wood softening in your home, the existence of mud tubes near the foundation of your home, and the occurrence of the darkening of wood structures on your property.

If any of these situations are happening in your home, call us immediately and one of our expert service technicians will come out and deliver a termite remediation solution best suited for you and your family and pets.

Check back next Friday for our next Q&A session. Thank you!



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