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If you’re a master gardener, you’re probably aware of the fact that not all pests are created equal – especially in the pursuit of growing your own fruits, vegetables and herbs. In actuality, there is one particular group of pests in which gardeners may welcome with open arms – they have ninja-like skills and are a part of a high-functioning garden eco-system. These type of pests bring balance and order to your plant growing. We’d like to identify some of them here for you:

Praying Mantis: Long revered in some cultures, the Praying Mantis is a friend to your garden. This creature can sit so very still for unimaginable lengths of time while it’s coloring blends easily with plant leaves. They are patient and will wait for those unlucky pests that come near and will attack with stealth-like precision – using its strongbow legs to not let their prey escape. They generally like to pursue months, caterpillars and crawling bugs – as well as Japanese Beatles, which are widely known to suck the juice out of plants. If you spot one, leave it be and let it do its job.

Dragonflies: These predators have a fondness for mosquitoes and are beneficial to your garden for mainly that reason. You will most likely find dragonflies in areas around standing water – because that is also where they will find their favorite snack. Their flying skills liken them to fighter jets which often leave their prey struggling before they knew what hit them.

Robber Flies: Robber flies have a similar skill set to dragonflies and will hide out in the cover of your garden awaiting their next victim. Their fierce flying allows them to snatch their prey out of the air while in-flight, almost as if they were coming out of no-where – hence where they got their name. These predators like to seek out grasshoppers, wasps and other prey much larger than themselves.

If you spot one of these predators in and /or around your garden, allow the natural order of things take care of themselves. They are serving a purpose which allows your plantings to blossom as they should as part of a well-functioning garden that sustains itself.

Remember, not all pests are created equal.





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