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As we get deeper into the spring season, nature continues to come to life through blooming flowers, fresh-smelling air and hints of the even warmer weather to come. However, spring also tends to bring a variety of pests out of hibernation – due to the higher number of egg hatchlings that were first laid over the winter. Additionally, the mating habits and rituals tend to increase during the season as well.

Here are some common pests that are more rampant during the spring months:

Rodents – Now is the time when mice and rats will mate the most. If you hadn’t seen or spotted any during the winter, no doubt their activity will increase as the temperatures continue to rise.

Termites – Spring is the time of year in which termites will be building new colonies. Reproductive termites, also known as “Swarmers”, will also leave their nests behind during this season as they begin to mate. Call us immediately at the first sign of these pests.

Ants – In their search for food following a relatively quiet winter, you will begin to see ants more in and around your property. Because they fancy foods containing sugar, they will work to invade your indoor spaces on their trek.

Mosquitoes These pests really tend to make a statement in the spring following ‘overwintering’ as their eggs will hatch during spring and grow into full adult maturity in a very short time span. Spring showers and moist conditions lend themselves to ideal breeding conditions, eventually leading to an even higher presence as the summer months approach.

Spiders – As the presence of other pests grow during the spring, it would make sense to also notice an increase of the prevalence of spiders. Soft-bodied insects provide a good food source for spiders.

There are many reasons to be excited about spring’s presence – and pest invasion shouldn’t be one of them. Call us and one of our service techs can come out for a seasonal preventative maintenance service.


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