Tri-County Pest Control Q&A: Rainy Misconceptions

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Happy Monday everyone and welcome to our newest edition of a “Tri-County Pest Control Q&A”. Today, as we like our information we share to be educational and relative, we’re going to answer a question based on the misconception of pest control on a rain-soaked day such as this one.

Q. Isn’t it true that all pest control applications are ruined by the onset of rain?

A. That statement is untrue. Actually, there are some products, such as water dispersible granular, that need to be watered (or rained in) to be activated. The rain will serve as a transportation mechanism for these type of insecticides and will carry them deep into the soil on your property where they work to ward off earwigs, ants, and other pests seeking entrance in your home or business.

No matter what conditions Mother Nature drops on us on any given day, we have a slew of solutions in our pest control arsenal that are just right for you.



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