Pest Control Musings our Tri-County Service Techs Want to Share With You (Part II)

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Hi folks! Today we continue with Part II of our series of thoughts that our Tri-County Pest Control Service Techs are eager to share with you. Remember, there is much to learn here…

Just because you don’t see it (them), doesn’t mean it’s (they’re) not there: Many types of pests can be near stealth-like, so you may never see them in and around your home – but that certainly does not mean they haven’t taken up residency. Rodents, especially, enjoy any environment that humans do. Taking preventative measure such as replacing weather stripping, sealing up cracks and holes and around vents in which pests can use as a super highway in and out of your home is always a good idea.

Don’t worry about the solutions we’re using to eradicate pests: We at great pride here at Tri-County Pest Control that we are among the slim, top-1% of companies in the entire United States to have earned the GreenPro Certification for human, pet and environmentally-friendly pest control. We use an integrated process and take the greatest care to use the safest solutions possible for the desired results.

Not all pests are created equal: Pests are just like people, one bad one in the bunch can ruin the reputation for the rest! While termites deservedly earn a bad rap by causing an estimated $5 billion in damage per year, other pests, such as Lady Beetles, can be good for gardening types as they eat plant-destroying aphids. Additionally, while spiders look to be creepy-crawly, they also eat other types of insects.

As uncomfortable as it may get, alert the neighbors if you have a rodent issue: In the instances you have discovered bed bugs or roaches – especially if you’re in an apartment complex – we would recommend letting your neighbors know so they can take the proper measures. However, these pests can multiply and run rampant across single-family neighborhoods as well. In this case, call us immediately. This is not a situation to take lightly.

Again, we like to educate our customers on the in and outs of pest control – not just dropping an application and never paying mind again, Thank you for taking the time to read and remember we’re here for ALL of your pest control needs.




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