Pest Control Musings our Tri-County Service Techs Want to Share With You (Part I)

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If you are like most human beings, signs of insect or rodent life will most likely completely bug you out. Perhaps instead of getting the willy-nillies, read on and pay attention to the following five items our Tri-County Pest Control Service Techs are eager to share with you. There is much to learn here…

  1. An immaculate kitchen isn’t a complete guarantee to keep your home pest-free: While it is well-known that pests of all types are certainly attracted to food sources, moisture is also a huge invitation to a number of species. Be mindful to keep gutters clean and clear and that they direct water at least 3 to 4 feet away from your home and its foundation.
  2. When it comes to certain pests, there is almost no defense: Most humans believe that keeping linens and themselves clean and practicing good hygiene will prevent a bed bug invasion. Not so. Unfortunately, bed bugs are notorious for hitching a ride in your luggage, furniture and clothing items. They key is to meticulously inspect these items before bringing them into your home. If you like to hit the antique dealers and flea markets, pay careful attention for sure.
  3. Pest control is a team effort: Our Tri-County Pest Control Service Techs are armed with an array of methods and tools to successfully eradicate a pest invasion. However, it we offer you advice to perhaps keep a certain door closed that is usually open to the elements or repair a clogged gutter and it’s ignored, it won’t be a permanent fix. We don’t take our jobs lightly and may ask you to take on some light ‘homework’ in a joint effort to keep the pests at bay.
  4. BUT…please do call us first if you suspect you may have an invasion: We know you may be tempted to take on a little DIY pest control, and there are many treatments available to the consumer these days. However, the magic is in choosing the correct product, and even more so, the application. Over-applying a DIY product can make our treatments less effective once we arrive. We’re the experts in this realm. Let us take care of the job.
  5. Head lice is (in many cases) outside our area of expertise: While our service techs love solving problems, this one isn’t generally in their wheelhouse. Head lice is a medical issue and therefore should be examined by a medical professional. Nonetheless, have the conversation with your Tri-County service tech. They may be able to refer you to someone who is licensed to take care of your specific problem.

We enjoy educating our clients and customers on the most effective pest control solutions. Check back next week for Part II of this article. Thank you!




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