The Skinny on Mosquitoes – from Tri-County Pest Control

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Today, we’re going to take a slight departure and learn some fun facts about the mosquito and what makes them tick. Enjoy!

Did you know:

  • That, on average, mosquitoes have 47 teeth
  • While adults males survive less than a week, females – if they have a food source – will live up to four weeks
  • The male mosquito won’t actually bite humans; rather, they will live off of plants juices and other decomposing organic material
  • Mosquitoes rank #1 among all other insects as a threat to human health
  • Some of the worst diseases known to humankind are transmitted by mosquitoes – including malaria, encephalitis and West Nile virus
  • Moisture and water is the number-one source that will attract mosquitoes – bird baths, barrels, gutters, ponds, etc, will invite them en mass
  • If you have water that stands for a week or week you’re likely to have mosquitoes

If you’re experiencing a mosquito infestation, call us and one of our service techs will come out to your property to conduct an source inspection before providing you with an integrated plan of how we’ll eradicate them before they become a hazard (literally) to your health.



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