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Ahhhhhh, warmer weather and summer on the near horizon. Days spent outdoors in nature and nights spent, well — outdoor in nature. Adventure and fun and – pests await? Wait a minute…

The sad truth, folks, here is that the more time we spend outdoors this coming summer season, the higher the probability of running into a pest issue. This time of the year, it is especially true with pests such as ticks. These minute arachnids are hiding out in grassy areas and stalking their next hosts – be it a dog, cat, human, bird or deer.

Because tick bites can be potentially dangerous if the perpetrating tick is actually carrying Lyme disease – with symptoms such as fatigue, fever, and a headache (among others) – here are a few preventative measures we’d like to share with you as you may spend more of your time in the great outdoors this season:

  • Whenever possible, try to wear a long-sleeve shirt and pants if you’re in high grass or wooded areas especially. The apparel will serve as a barrier between you and the ticks.
  • If you are hiking or walking on a heavily wooded trail, try to stick to the middle of the trail as much as possible. Additionally, avoid grassy areas where ticks may be lurking.
  • When you or someone from your family returns inside from an outdoor adventure – or even so much as sitting and watching a Little League game – check them for ticks immediately. This protocol goes for pets, too.

Tick bites can be more heavily avoided when taking precautions such as these. While it may not always be comfortable, a few extra steps taken can be the difference between a healthy you, or an unhealthy you.





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