Why Fruit Flies May Fly Amok: from Tri-County Pest Control

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As the weather continues to get warmer and more fruits and vegetables are coming into season, there lives a minute but mighty pest that will enjoy running amok around any worn or damaged fruit you have not taken care to dispose of – the fruit fly.

It may be difficult to grasp, but there are over 4,500 varying species of fruit flies across the globe, though we know the only one you’re concerned with is the type literally bugging you.

Although while these order of flies find ripened fruits and vegetables attractive, they are known to be able to breed within drain structures wherever there is moist organic matter. Because of this, while they may appear more rampant with the existence of a greater number of fruits and vegetables, they can becomes a year-round pest if sanitation and cleanliness is not properly maintained.

If you happen to own or manage a commercial property, proper sanitation and regular inspection is paramount in keeping fruit flies at bay. A successful program would also include contacting us at Tri-County Pest Control so we can regularly monitor and inspect your property for any signs of fruit fly infestation.

Because of our regular inspections, it is more likely our treatments and protocols would serve to ward off any infestations in the future.

While they are tiny, fruit flies can cause quite a ruckus. If you suspect any issues, call us immediately and our service techs will work to halt them in flight.




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