Summer Flicks: Hollywood’s Pests

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Summer makes for the perfect time for family bonding, whether at the beach or at the pool.  But when the days turn into nights, nothing is better than getting together and watching a movie—even ones on bugs.  Since we are all about pests, here’s our top list of critter-related movies to put on your watch-list this summer!

A Bug’s Life (1998)

This Disney classic is the perfect family flick, even if it happens to be your tenth time watching it.  Dealing with themes of adventure and teamwork, it is perfect for kids, while showing that not all bugs are pests—in their world and in ours, they are great critters to have around!  Meanwhile, the movie can help train your kids to be pest-spotters by portraying the villains of the film as true pests.  You’ll know your kids took something from it when they come notifying you that “Hopper and his army are in our home,” leaving you to call us for swift removal.

Men In Black (1997)

Sure, it’s a classic, but why does an alien movie belong on this list?  Well, it just goes to show that pests can be a problem in all walks of life—even extraterrestrial.  Perfect for all ages, this movie will generate some chuckles while showing the dangers some pests can cause when left unchecked.

Ant-Man (2015)

Ants are super powerful critters for their size, and this movie goes to prove that notion—even thought Ant-Man really isn’t an ant.  While the characters are not the actual pests, they do share many of the characteristics of their real-life counterparts, like Yellowjacket’s overall aggression and Lang’s ability to lift a lot of weight at his shrunken-down size.  When all’s said and done, this one makes for a perfect superhero movie for the whole family!

Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)

Okay, so we all know that Peter Parker cannot transform into a spider, but he has all the abilities that an actual spider does, like jumping, crawling, and web-slinging.  And sure, there may be no actual spiders in film (besides spider-bots), but this movie can speak to the fact that not all spiders are bad, and simply makes for a great night out at the movies.  

So there you have it—our favorite pest-related movies out there.  What do you think of our list, and what’s your favorite bug movie?  Let us know in the comments!

And as always, we are here to help with any pest problem you may have, even if you think the Ant-Man is lurking in your kitchen cabinets!

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