Wacky Pest Wednesday: Japanese Beetles

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A very happy Wednesday to you, Tri-County Pest Control fans!  We’re here to continue our Wacky Pest Wednesday tradition, and today we are covering the Japanese beetle.  Enjoy!

Japanese beetles, along with dragonflies, wasps, and bees are another common summertime pest you’ll see.  If you have a pool, we almost guarantee that you have seen these scabbard-like critters float around at some point or another, and they are an absolute pain if they latch onto your hair while swimming.  That being said, there are a few things you can do on your own to take care of them.

Since these critters are rather opportunistic when it comes to their diet—meaning that they will eat anything green and leafy they can find, removing plants like these from the side of your house or pool is the first thing you can do.  Without their food source, they will be likely to move somewhere else to find food.  Now, should this not deter the pests, there is a multitude of traps you can set up—both commercial and homemade—that can help to keep these critters away and out.  If you are still having trouble dealing with these bugs, then reach out to us for some much-needed relief.  In no time, we can have these pests out, and keep them out, leaving you to enjoy your pool or garden without the worry of these bugs!

Enjoy your Wednesday!  

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