Spring Pest Consideration for Business Owners

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Spring is definitely (finally) and the air, and, if you’re a business or commercial property owner, we encourage you to take heed and put into action our tips against seasonal pests invading your valuable property.

  • First taking a universal approach, just like many other living things, pests need food, shelter wand water to survive. Taking a few extra minutes to remove any food items from your businesses, as well and cleaning the office or community refrigerator regularly will keep the pests at bay. Additionally, make sure all sink drains and water lines are working correctly. A leaky faucet is just lending itself to a pest party on your property.
  • Make sure to seal up and cracks, holes or other potential external access points, such as pipes and utility lines.
  • Apply caulk around windows and doors. Do a thorough inspection of doors and windows and be sure to replace any damaged ones.
  • Take a walk through any landscaping around the property and make sure water is draining away from any buildings. Any and all water should be flowing away from all structures on the property.
  • Put into place a cleaning policy for any communal areas. Even the smallest of infringements can and will attract pests.

Believe us, spring pests will be ready to pounce on any sign of property weakness. Prevention is the best policy. And, as always, Tri-County Pest Control is at the ready for your commercial pest maintenance needs.

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