It’s Officially Spring (Believe It Or Not) Time for Lyme Disease Prevention!

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While it appears winter is having one last go-round before letting the spring season have its day, with the official equinox on the calendar for tonight, the warm-up and thaw out is soon to follow (and stay). That said, with the spring comes some pest issues and subsequent medical concerns that we did not necessarily have to contend with during the colder months.

With that said, we know ticks will running rampant over the next few months and we want you and your family to be protected from the potential of Lyme Disease. Here are a few precautions you can take to keep yourself and your family safe:

Know where ticks roam: Black leg ticks can be found mostly near or in wooded and grassy areas. If you partake in outdoor activities, or you like to spend time landscaping your property or gardening at your home, be mindful to stay in the center of paths you may hike as well as avoiding taller vegetation.

Take a few minutes to do a self-check once you’re back inside: Try to use a hand-held mirror to do a self-inspection after coming back in from outdoor activities, even from your own yard. Then, take a few moments to inspect your child as well.

  • Under your arms
  • Around the ears
  • Back of the knees
  • Around the head and body hair
  • The waistline

Examine your pets and clothing: Examine both carefully. Placing any clothing in the dryer on high heat should also effectively kill ticks.

As far as Lyme Disease, if you do come across a tick on your skin, remove it immediately. Your chance of contracting Lyme Disease is smaller if a tick has been attached to your skin less than 24 hours. If you suspect it may have been longer, we ask you to watch for signs of fever or rash. Also know that deer are the main food source for adult ticks. If you need to barrier your plants or garden to discourage them from bringing ticks into your yard, do so.

Please take special care this spring by protecting your family. Click here to read more about our comprehensive flea and tick control measures and maintenance. One bite could lead to issues you won’t want to deal with. Call us today and we’ll come take care of it and provide peace of mind for you!

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