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With the real estate market being hot right now, it may be the perfect time to go out and look for a home. However, while you’re busy searching for the right home, you should also be searching for signs of pest infestations. Join us today as we give you tips on looking for pests when house hunting.

Signs of a pest infestation can tell you a lot about a home. For example, it may tell you that there is a hole somewhere in the exterior that pests are coming into, or it may tell you that the home itself is not situated in a right spot. Regardless of what you find as a result, here are signs you should keep your eyes out for when looking through the home:


It may be disgusting, but this can tell you a ton about the types of pests that the home may have. Larger, spherical droppings indicate the presence of rats and other rodents, while small, rust-colored spots can indicate bedbugs. When going through a home, you are likely to find these by the molding or in corners of the room, so be sure to check as you walk through.

Holes and Marks

Holes or gnaw marks in the molding or furniture may tell you the story of a teething puppy, but it can also tell you something else about the home. Many pests will try to check through things, either as a source of food or in an effort to hide, as rats are infamous for this. Should you find signs, ask the owner for more details.

Signs of Termites

Now, this a a big one when it comes to buying a home, and you may not be able to tell completely on your own. Common signs of termites can be holes in the floor, or if the floor feels hollow when being stepped on. This is no doubt one of the hardest parts of looking for pests, and can be helped with the assistance of a home inspector. Many offer termite inspection services, so be sure to take them up on that offer just to have a piece of mind.

Pest Control Products

You may think that it is rude to notice what people have in their cabinets or under the stairs, but a heavy presence of traps and sprays could indicate a larger issue at hand, especially if they are lying out in the open.

All of these signs and more can be indications of the presence of a pest infestation in the home, and should be treated before you settle on the home. If you think the home has a problem alert the owner or your real estate agent, and if you do like the home, then perhaps the owner can schedule a treatment prior to settlement. In either case, you should not have to move into a home ridden with pests, so do your due diligence and keep an open eye out when looking through houses!

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