Late Spring Pest Prevention

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Spring now seems to be in full swing in our region, and the bugs all around agree. It seems everywhere you look you can find a creepy crawly, whether it be in the yard, car, or office. Even though they’re out in abundance, there are a few simple things you can do to keep the bugs out of your home this spring. Join us as we go over some of the most common pests, and how you can keep them at bay!


The classic bane of the outdoorsman, the mosquito is a fearsome critter for most. Kids playing outside can be plagued by it, and they may follow your young ones inside for a later snack. Ensuring that the screens on your windows are in good condition and limiting the amount of time you keep the door open will greatly help to keep these critters at bay. Also, placing citronella around the home can help to keep them out.


Certainly one of the creepiest of crawlies, these critters strike feat in the hearts of many. Despite this, they are rarely a threat, and it is their appearance that freaks most out. Replacing weather stripping and eliminating any holes in your siding will do wonders to keep spiders out. In addition, by keeping a clean and tidy home, spiders are less likely to stick around, as they have nowhere to hide from potential predators.


As with every other pest, the fly becomes a whole lot more active in these warm months. Leaving food out for extended periods of time will be enough to draw this critter in, so be sure to put food away once you are done with it. In addition, keeping a tidy home—as noted above—will also keep the fly away, as there is less food and crumbs around for it to feed off of. So long as you keep up with your regular, house cleaning chores, you should not have to worry too much about the fly.
Sure, these pests can certainly be annoying, but they do not have to drag your spring fling down with them. Stick to these tips, or give us a call, to keep these pests away for a while.

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