Party on your patio pest-free: Tips from Tri-County Pest Control

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Memorial Day 2015 is just 25 days away! We know and understand here at Tri-County Pest Control that means a lot more of you will be enjoying the warmer weather and enjoying your outdoor spaces by entertaining your family and friends. Barbecues, parties and picnics are making their way again! But before you begin firing up your grill and stocking up on sweet-scented fruit, we wanted to share with you a few steps you can take to prevent pests from taking over your decks and yards during the warmer weather months:

  • If you have any screened-in areas, check for and repair any rips, holes or tears immediately
  • If you have outdoor lighting, we recommend using low pressure or sodium vapor lights. Other types of lights may attract pests
  • Closing monitor any sprinkler action in your yard to alleviate standing water
  • Conduct a weekly clean up and dispose of old and out-of-use buckets and container that could potentially serve as shelter for pests
  • If you have a birdbath or any other type of smaller decorative pool, change water out at least once a week
  • Make weeding your yard part of your routine
  • When you are entertaining, keep all food and condiment items in sealed or storage container whenever possible
  • Clear your property of any blown garbage, fallen fruit from any fruit trees, as well as pet bones or food

Of course you want your guests to have the best possible experience when they’re over enjoying your outdoors spaces. A few extra minutes of mindful time on these preventive tips will go a long way towards making happier visitors.


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