The Jekyll & Hyde of Pest Control: Carpenter Ants

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When grouped together in the same sentence as other pests including wasps, termites, centipedes and other types of critters you would not want to experience an infestation of, you would suspect for carpenter ants to be by and large appear fairly tame. The fact that they move the planet’s ecosystem along by essentially providing compost for the masses should endear then to almost anyone. However, give these types of ants a little leeway and they can be extremely destructive and have often been confused with termite damage in their wake.

Often, a carpenter ant infestation will long go unnoticed until there is expensive damage to correct. These pests will literally tunnel through decaying or rotting wood, but will not actually eat the wood – which they are often mistaken to do. They will excavate the wood to nest inside of it, which can eventually lead to expensive structural damage to your property. However, it can often take years to get to this point.

But just how would you detect the beginning of a carpenter ant infestation? 

Usually, such an infestation occurs when the structure is experiencing a moisture issue. Therefore, you will find these pests in and around bathrooms, sinks, dishwashers, etc, anywhere where plumbing may leak. If you source the issue and nip it in the bud, you are less likely to have an infestation in the future.

How can I best resolve an infestation?

The absolute best thing you can do us to call us at Tri-County Pest Control. There are several steps we will need to take to eradicate the issue fully. Investing in a solution we can provide will be much more cost effective than attempting a DIY fix, having them return and causing serious structural damage.

In our world, not all ants are created equal. If you suspect an infestation of the beginnings of one, contact us before more damage is done.


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