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In the world of constant connectivity, where business reviews written by the common man holds more clout than from a professional critic, the phrase “Waiter, there’s a fly in my soup,” can spell disaster for a business. Just one rat, one roach, or one ant can stop regular and potential customers from walking through the door. In the business world, pest control—even though it may not seem important—must be a priority, before the consequences of an infestation shut down your business for good.

An infestation does not spell disaster for just a restaurant, as any small or large business can have their revenue affected greatly by just a sighting of a pest. Think of it this way: You switch over to a new dentist, and on your first visit, you see a cockroach scurrying along the ground in the exam room. Assuming that you are not a cockroach-fanatic, you are most likely going to find another dentist, and tell others to avoid going there, all because of one critter no bigger than your thumb.

For a business owner, the best deterrence against a pest infestation is to expect it before it happens. Regular maintenance, treatments, and inspections can help to keep your business pest free, and in turn, keep the revenue and customers flowing. At Tri-County Pest Control, we offer year-round protection against pests for your business, with regular checkups and treatments. Also, our technicians are on call 24/7, so if any pest emergency pops up, you can be assured that we will be there in no time to help.

Pest infestations in 2014 accounted for 16.8 billion dollars in lost revenue for small businesses in the United States and the United Kingdom. Much like the earlier scenario, just one slip can stop a whole wave of customers from coming in the door. Regular pest protection does come at a cost, but it is an investment, and as a small business owner, you need to make investments in yourself from time to time. Just one bug in someone’s soup may not seem like a huge deal when dealing with hundreds of customers, but just one review about it, seen by hundreds, can potentially shut down your business for good.

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