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Late-night infomercials are something, aren’t they? Just an easy payment plan of $19.99 for 3 months, and you can have your very own sonic spider repellent that will keep out any creepy-crawly. While they’re certainly a form of entertainment (the infomercial, that is), most of the pest-repellent products that they try to sell are complete shams, like the sonic spider repellent. So this week, we’re here to debunk some of the common pest control myths that you may have heard from Shamwow Vince or anywhere else on the internet.

Cheese is the best way to catch a mouse. It worked in the Tom and Jerry cartoons, so it would work in real life, right? Mice may like cheese, but it is not our go-to bait to catch them. Instead, they prefer high-calorie, sweet foods, like marshmallows, peanut butter, pet food, and certain type of cereal.

Ripening bananas bring fruit flies. This one is a bit more of a half-myth—while overly ripe bananas bring the onset of fruit flies, the flies do not come with the banana you pick up at the store. If fruit flies appear around ripening fruit, chances are they were already living in your house, whether it was in your drain, laundry pile, or any other dirty spot. Once the flies smell ripening fruit, they come out to lay their eggs on or in it, depending on the species.

You can completely remove bedbugs on your own. Once again, here’s a half-myth—with a rolled up newspaper in hand, you can rid most of your bedbug infestation, but without proper treatment from a pest control company, there is no assured way of removal. Just one survivor from your carnage can breed a whole new colony, so if you have bedbugs, best to err on the side of caution.

If someone in your neighborhood is fumigating their home, the pests will come to your home. It goes without saying, but pests aren’t the brightest of creatures; most of them won’t realize that fumigation is happening until it is too late. However, the ones who do realize that it is happening will want to burrow somewhere deeper into the fumigated home, in hopes of safety. It’s a slightly macabre thought, but there’s just no escape for those pests.

The world of the internet and late-night infomercials is a wonderful thing, but it can bring forth many unconfirmed myths, especially about pest control. Always remember to do your research, as one simple call to us just might be easier than 6 easy payments of $19.99 for that Pest-B-Gone super sonic cannon (with the preferred protection plan).

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