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The clocks have moved, the weather is getting warmer, and the days are becoming longer—spring is almost officially here! You may be getting ready to break out those rubber gloves and start your spring cleaning, if you haven’t done so already. Spring cleaning not only gives you the opportunity to declutter your house, but to also stop a pest infestation before it starts.

By just spending a few more minutes in one room, you can effectively stop a pest infestation in its tracks. For example, working outside to reduce brush and other organic waste will stop any wood-boring beetles, termites, or wasps from getting into your home. Likewise, if you are working outside, now would be the time to get rid of any standing water on your property, as these serve as breeding grounds for mosquitos; and with the Zika virus going around, you can never be too careful.

When working inside, be sure to gut your pantry, and clean up any crumbs or food waste that is hidden on shelves or on the floor. Also be sure to get rid of any stale or expired food, as rodents and other pests can smell them and come scurrying for a snack. While you’re inside, be sure to change out your air filters if you haven’t already done so this spring—a dirty ventilation system makes a prime hangout spot for all sorts of pests.

However, during your spring cleaning, you may find the beginning stages of an infestation, say if you lift a box in the attic and a dozen cockroaches frantically scurry away, or you find a group of mice in your basement. It may freak you out at first, but now you have the opportunity to stop the spread before it gets any worse. A quick call to us will fix your pest problem, and let you go on with your spring cleaning with peace of mind.

Simple changes can produce massive results, especially when it comes to spring cleaning. So, what are you waiting for? Get those gloves on, get out that mop, and start preventing a pest infestation!

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