Be Thankful and Cautious: Thanksgiving Bedbugs

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In just two weeks, the grand Turkey Day will be upon us. The glorified turkey, Grandma’s stuffing, and all the other fixings will be on the plates of millions of Americans. An estimated 46 million people will be traveling for their Thanksgiving dinner this year, but while the stuffing at dinner is guaranteed (hopefully), so are the bedbugs at night. Wherever you’re traveling this year, bedbugs are a prominent and likely threat; they’re the last thing you want to take back home with you, trust us. Don’t know how to check for bedbugs? Don’t worry, we have you covered.

No matter where you are staying, whether it be a hotel, friend’s house, or a family member’s house, check for bedbugs. We’ll say it again: It does not matter where you’re staying, check for bedbugs regardless. A simple 30 second check can prevent a whole nightmare upon your return. Once you get into the room that you plan to stay for the night, here is what you need to do:

First, look around at probable spots for an infestation. You’re looking for small, rust-colored spots on anything in the room. This includes the mattress, headboard, furniture, walls, and bed-skirts.

Don’t see anything? Now move on to the next step, which is to look UNDER everything you glanced over. Lift up the mattress at the corners, the sheets, and cushions for furniture. Again, you’re looking for rust-colored spots, or bugs that are a dull red and about the size of an apple seed.

If everything looks good, then just elevate your luggage on a luggage rack, and enjoy your stay. When you repack, look at your items closely, inspecting them for bedbugs once more. Upon your return home, throw everything into the dryer on the highest heat setting for 15 minutes, and that should kill any possible bedbugs that you lugged home. See, preventing bedbugs is pretty easy!

If at any point in your check, you spot something that looks like an infestation or a bedbug, don’t stay there. Ask for another room, or better yet, find somewhere else to stay.

This holiday, bring back the great memories of another wonderful Thanksgiving with your family; not bedbugs. All it takes is a simple check, just 30 seconds, and it can save you countless hours of dealing with a bedbug infestation. So, we hope that you enjoy that turkey in a couple of weeks, that you sleep tight, and that those nasty bedbugs don’t bite.

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