How Not To Invite Unwanted Pests to Your Thanksgiving

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Ahhhh, Thanksgiving – what was simply a day of family and gratefulness has now evolved into a multi-day holiday, thanks to the advent of Black Friday and early tree lightings in the town square.

However, we digress, as we realize nothing could ruin your Thanksgiving holiday quicker than a host of unwanted pests showing up.

Therefore, our expert Tri-County Pest Control team wanted to share these tips in order for you and your family to have an enjoyable (and, pest-free) holiday as possible:

  • Stow the leftovers immediately – Nothing brings on the bugs quicker than the sweet smell of turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce. Therefore, we advise you to wrap any leftovers and store them – despite your requests from guests who may want to “pick” throughout the evening. If you want cockroaches, ants and rodents roaming about – no problem. Otherwise, cover and pack in the fridge until the following day.
  • Clean the dishes not long after – In order to keep hungry pests at bay, wash the pile of dishes in your sink right away. Pests are apt to feed on food particles clinging to your holiday china.
  • Seal your home up tight – Those same hungry pests will have an easier time infiltrating your Thanksgiving feast if there are cracks in screens on windows and doors. Head over to your local hardware store and invest in some weather stripping to keep them from marching outside in underneath doorways, too.
  • Keep your purse close on Black Friday – If you do venture out to the mall the day after Thanksgiving, we advise against setting your purse or tote down in public places – such as the ground or seating area at the local mall. This is the perfect way to invite bed bugs back home with you.

If you enact these four tips, you’ll be less likely to be sharing your Thanksgiving with anyone (or, anything) other than invite guests.


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