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You’re sleeping soundly in your bed and all of a sudden you hear the pitter patter of little feet – or rather paws – and not on the floor of your home but rather, above in your attic! Chances are, it’s not a human invader, but one of a different kind – a pest – holing up and building a luxury suite in your storage space.

If and when you do detect these noises, make sure it’s investigated quickly – primarily by one of our Tri-County Pest Control service techs. If left untreated, your attic could turn into a breeding ground for a bevy of insects – which congregate around the droppings of other, larger, pesky pests. Those such as mice, rats, possum and birds.

A worse-case scenario would be these pests gnawing on electric wires running through your attic and eventually causing a fire.

In order to avoid that, and even inviting disease-carrying pests into your attic and home, follow these steps to shore up your property to prevent any unwelcome guests:

  • Trim and cut back any and all overhanging branches from trees and other plantings. If pests have no means of transportation to your roof and into your attic, they won’t be able to invade the space in the first place.
  • Deep clean and organize your attic at least twice a year. Try not to pile bins or boxes next to each which can serve as shelter for pests.
  • If it’s a bird issue you’re having, block the entry way with chicken wire or a more solid structure.
  • If you have a chimney, you may want to consider installing a chimney cap.
  • Affix a squirrel nesting box on your property. While it’s unlikely you’re going to keep squirrels completely off your property, giving them another place option for shelter other than your attic may be a good idea.
  • Inspect the exterior of your home regularly and cover all entry points you may notice.

While it may be frustrating to have creatures in your attic, we ask you to please not try to eradicate them in your own. There are several steps we need to take to ensure they don’t make a return appearance. Call on us so we can rid your attic of those unsettling nighttime noises.




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