Vacationing this summer season? How to prevent pests from ruining your trip from Tri-County Pest Control

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Summer is just around the corner, and that means high-traffic vacation time for many of you. If you have booked hotel accommodations, or perhaps are staying with friends or relatives as you sight-see, we understand bed bugs may be the absolute furthest thing from your mind.

However, unless you want to be bringing home anything else other than souvenirs from your trip, we encourage you to pay attention to these preventative tips from us to make sure there are no pests stowing away in your suitcases: 

Pay attention to online travel reviews: Before you leave your house, browse the interwebs to see what is out there in terms of reviews on your destination. If there are any negative testimonials, pay attention to the dates in which they were submitted. If they are a few years old, the issue may have been remedied. If not, you may want to reconsider your lodging and book elsewhere.

How to identify a bed bug: Bed bugs are approximately the size of a tick, and have a brownish-red coloring. Their droppings can resemble the size and coloring of ground black pepper.

How to inspect for bed bugs: Once you’re finally at your destination and in your room, we encourage you to first put your luggage in the bathroom. These pests are not just contained solely to sleeping areas, therefore, you should inspect the box spring, night stands, mirrors, hanging art or photos, luggage racks and any outlets.

Upon home arrival: Once you’re back home from what we hope was a wonderful vacation, wash and dry all of your clothes, even if they remained in the suitcase your entire trip. Check the zippers and seams – if you spot anything suspicious, call us here at Tri-County to schedule an immediate bed bug inspection.

Because we want you to have an enjoyable time as possible, paying attention to a few more small details upon before arrival and departure should leave nothing but good memories from your summer vacation.


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