4 Common Myths About Bedbugs

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Bedbugs are pretty scary, but some of the things that you’ve heard about them may not be true.  Indeed, there are several myths out there about bedbugs, but we’re here to cut through the sludge and debunk some of the things you might have heard about these pesky pests!

1. Bedbugs prefer dirty conditions

Despite what your intuition is telling you, bedbugs are a perfect example of an equal opportunity infestor—they will infest anything regardless of the condition that it’s in.  Believe it or not, bedbugs can be found in high-scale hotel rooms, just as they can be found in other, dirtier places. It’s not the dirty condition that attract these pests, but rather the lack of access to resources needed to eliminate this pest—namely a professional pest control company.

2. Bedbugs can go a year without eating

Although it is still being researched, many scientists believe that bedbugs can only last 2-3 months without having a blood meal.  However, remember that bedbugs are cold-blooded, which means that when it’s colder, their metabolism slows down and thus they can last a lot longer without feeding.  Yet, regardless of the length of time they can go without eating, the fact alone that they can do this should make bedbug removal one of your top priorities if you spot them, as they clearly will not go away on their own anytime soon.

3. Bedbugs can fly

A common myth, but a wholly inaccurate one.  Bedbugs do not have wings, and thus cannot fly.  However, they are intrepid explorers, meaning that they will venture into places that no bedbug has gone before, so long as it means a greater chance of a meal.

4. Bedbugs only live in beds

Much like with the first myth, bedbugs aren’t that picky with where they stay.  Be it beds, dressers, couches, or even curtains, bedbugs will stick around if it means that they can snag a quick meal.  So, when looking for bedbugs, don’t forget to look in some of the more recluse spots where they may be hiding!

Bedbugs are nasty critters, and there is so much more to know about them than what we can fit into one blog.  To learn more about how to deal with these critters or for the best way to prevent them, feel free to give us a call!

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