Preventing Bedbugs in a College Dorm

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Believe it or not, a college dorm makes for the perfect breeding ground for pests.  Think about it: it has close quarters, cleanliness is sometimes questionable, and there are students from all sorts of different backgrounds living next door from one another.  All of this together is a perfect place for pests of all sorts, but no critter loves it more than the bedbug. Yet while you may not be able to control how much reading your history professor gives out, you can control bedbugs in your dorm room with a few, simple steps.

Clean Your Room!

We promise we’re saying it in the least-nagging way possible, but you really need to clean your room.  Out of all the ways that you can combat a bedbug infestation, regular cleaning is by far the most effective.  Yes, we know college life can be busy, but by taking a few minutes out of every day to do some simple cleaning you can save you countless hours in the student health center or with a bad night’s sleep.  When you have time on the weekends, find the pocket vacuum and give your room a quick once-over, and be sure to change your sheets once every two weeks. Those sweaty gym clothes lying on the floor? Either throw them in the wash or a hamper to prevent bedbugs from getting in and adding onto the stress of college life.

Check Along the Way

Along with cleaning, you should be sure that you regularly check for bedbugs, since the best way to stop an infestation is to catch it early.  Peel back the covers of your bed every week and look for small, brown dots or little red specs—both are evidence of bedbug activity. Encourage your roommate to do the same and should anyone else be spending time in your room, be sure to check after they leave.  People can unwittingly carry bedbugs around, regardless of their cleanliness, so be sure to check. 

If You See Something, Say Something

Now, should you stick to these tips and still find bedbugs in your room, there are solutions.  First, let your Resident Advisor know right away so they can work with the proper channels to ensure that the infestation will be remedied.  In the interim, wash anything and everything that has been or may be touched by bedbugs–mostly your sheets and any piece of clothing surrounding it.  Be sure to wash and dry on the highest setting in order to kill any remaining bedbugs or eggs. From there on out, just keep your eye out, especially after the professionals leave.

College will bring many different memories, but don’t let a bedbug infestation be one of them.  Take a few minutes out of your week and stop the infestation before it starts—we promise it’s easier than your history paper!

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