Year of the Bed Bug

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The Chinese zodiac may say that this is the year of the monkey, but the Tri-County Pest Control zodiac says that it’s the year of the bed bug. In 2016, we’ll see an increase in travel, both domestically and around the globe, which will undoubtedly lead to a higher risk of bed bug infestations. This year, wherever you go, we want you to take these quick and easy tips that just might stop a nasty bed bug infestation.

Remember the golden rule with bed bugs: Do not assume. Just because someplace looks clean and well-kept does not mean that there are no bed bugs present. Since bed bugs are hard to rid, you’ll want to take a lot of preventative measures to stop the infestation before it begins.

When travelling, whether it is to the other side of the state or the other side of the globe, do not put your luggage down on the floor, bed, or furniture of a hotel, apartment, or any living space that is unfamiliar to you. Bed bugs love to wiggle their way into cracks, and if your luggage is in their habitat, you can expect them to scurry into your luggage. Opt for a luggage rack instead, and keep your suitcase there until you can properly inspect the space.
To inspect, peek at the corners of the mattress, furniture, or carpeting, and look for rusty stains, dark spots that about the size of our period marks, and small, reddish bugs. If you see any, leave the room, and preferably, leave the building.

Other ways to prevent bed bugs is to abstain from buying used furniture, or at least used furniture that has not been properly inspected. Bringing used upholstery or furniture into your home is an easy catalyst for a bed bug infestation.

Bed bugs are tricky little creatures, and they may very well find their way into your home, despite your best efforts. If this is the case, the easiest solution is to call us, and within a few days, we’ll have the little buggers out. Self-eradicating methods cannot guarantee assured removal, and with bed bugs, a sole survivor can lead to a whole new colony.

Simple tips can prevent complicated infestations, especially in this zodiac year. While monkeys are pretty cool (have you seen a baboon?), bed bugs are not. Be sure to stay on your guard in this Year of the Bed Bug.

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