Anti-Pest New Year’s Resolutions

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It’s that time again to triumphantly close out the year that has passed us by, and opt to take up the fresh, new year. When that ball drops later this week, people everywhere will drop their old habits and and settle on new ones for their new year’s resolutions. Whether you plan to hit the gym, start eating healthy, or improve your sense of fashion, we have a few tips that you can incorporate to keep your home pest-free next year.

The key to pest prevention is all about good housekeeping. The cleaner your home is, the harder it will be for pests to set up camp. Likewise, the same goes for the yard; simple upkeep will keep the pests out.

Inside the home, make sure to clean up anything or fix anything that will leave water, moisture, mold, or food out. For example, fix that leaky faucet when you have a chance, and make sure you rinse out your recyclables before you put them in the can. Tie up trash bags tightly, and make sure to put them out on the curb every week. The longer the garbage bags sits in your garage or in your home, the more of a change maggots, flies, and roaches have to nest in them. Also, keep in mind to clean messes in the kitchen up promptly, store dry goods into sealed containers, and to dispose of overly-ripe fruit regularly. The first two will prevent roaches and rodents from infesting your kitchen, while the latter will stop those oh-so pesky fruit flies from taking over.

Outside, some simple, non-back-breaking labor can stop a whole colony from getting inside. Seal any and all cracks in your siding, weather stripping, and screens. A little bit of caulk will do just the trick. When the weather gets warmer (like the way it has been the past two weeks), break out those shears, pruners, and hedge trimmers, and trim back any brushing that touches your house. Finally, make sure you move firewood at least 20 feet away from your home. With these three chores done, the chances of a pest infestation is dramatically reduced.

By just improving and adding on to the little things, a massive pest infestation can be prevented. Not to mention, these little snippets are nothing extraordinary, and can be added onto any New Year’s resolution you already have in your head.

From all of use at Tri-County Pest Control, we wish you a very happy New Year; may it bring you nothing but happiness, prosperity, and a pest-free home.

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