Wacky Pest Wednesday: Snails

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Happy Wednesday to you, Tri-County Pest Control fans!  Today, we have another edition of Wacky Pest Wednesday lined up, and this week we’re covering one of the slowest pests out there: snails.

Snails, besides being a French delicacy, are one of the slowest pests out there.  Creeping along at a pace of flowing molasses makes the snail the leas concern to homeowners.  However, they can make a nice home in your basement, or other locations in your home that are dark and damp, and if you have small children, snails may be a cause for concern.

The nocturnal snail will only come out during the night to feed, and will eat anything from plants to limestone.  Although, if none of those are present, snails will feed on painted surfaces to sustain their calcium need.  If you have a finished basement, some snails might make a meal out of your wall.

If you think that you have a snail problem in your home, reducing the moisture and hiding spots are your best bet to get rid of them.  Plug in a dehumidifier and remove any cardboard boxes or plastic bins from the corner of the room, and you should see the snails disappear in a few days.

In case that doesn’t do the trick, always remember that we are here to back you up.  Whatever you need, whatever pest you face, one quick call can make it all go away.

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