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The calendar has changed, and with it we welcome in the influx of pumpkins, changing leaves, and overall spookiness.  September has come and gone (has anyone woken up Billie Joe Armstrong, yet?), but with the changing months come with a whole new slate of pests to look out for.  Today, we have everything you need for pest deterrence this October, and how to keep some of the most active species out of your home.

Out of all the pests that you are bound to see this October, the fly has to be one of the most bothersome.  With all of the larvae born over the summer coming to full maturity, many flies will be looking for a warm break from the crisp fall weather, and your home just may be on their list.  The smell of food and a waft of warm air is all that is needed to be sending a whole herd of flies your way.  To this, we say some simple screens and a habit of keeping doors closed should be sufficient enough to keep out these pesky intruders.  Also, try to keep rotting fruit to a minimum, and be sure to clean up kitchen messes promptly.

Another common October pest that you are bound to see this month is a whole conglomeration of stinging insects, such as bees, yellow jackets, and wasps.  During this period of transition from the warm September days to the brisk October nights, many of these flying critters will be vacating their nests, and most will die from the extreme cold (only females will survive to the next spring).  With this being said, anything that is warm is a great break for these guys, so be sure that you only keep your door open for a short period of time, or else you may be facing an entire colony of yellow jackets holed up in your heating vents.

Finally, we ask you to be wary of rodents during this season as well.  Just like with the past two pests, as the temperature starts to drop, you can expect more and more to try to find shelter in your home.  The only differentiating factor between the rodent and other pests is that the rodent can carry disease—ones that can be a major risk of concern for you and your family.  Check your exterior, make sure everything is sealed, and be sure to only leave doors open for a limited time.

In October, you should be spooked by haunted hayrides and houses—not by a pest infestation.  A little effort is all you need to keep your home pest-free this month!

For more pest control tips and tricks, be sure to check back to our blog every Monday!

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