Wacky Pest Wednesday: Birds

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Happy Wednesday to you, dear Tri-County Pest Control fans!  We’re here with another edition of Wacky Pest Wednesday, and today we are covering a pest that you may see popping up in your neighborhood soon—the bird.

Birds are not commonly thought of as being pests, and nor should they.  They will almost always stick to themselves, but sometimes their habits can have an adverse effect on you, such as them nesting in your dryer vent of attic.  Birds nesting in your dryer vent will causes clogging that can damage your dryer, and birds in the attic can start to peck at the wood (depending on the species) leaving you with some home improvement tasks to fix.  

In the coming months, we will start to see an influx of birds in our region, meaning that they will be looking for places to nest.  One easy way to prevent them from nesting in your vents is to install a grate to that the air can escape, but the birds cannot get in.  Also, angling the exhaust downwards will create a difficult spot for the birds to nest, as opposed to the exhaust poking straight out or even slightly up.  As far as the attic goes, be sure that there are no holes in your siding, screen, or windows, and these are generally the only way that birds can get in.  

However, should some birds get past your defenses and nest up where you don’t want them to, do not try to remove the nests yourself.  Brids are incredibly delicate creatures, and they need to be handled with care—one wrong move by you can send a bird into a panic, or worse, damage the eggs.

When there are times like those, give a quick call over to Tri-County Pest Control.  With our expert technicians and time-tested methods, we can guarantee the safe and humane removal of a bird nest from your property!

Enjoy your Wednesday!  

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