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The weather is getting warmer day by day, and days keep flying by—it’s beginning to look like spring once more!  While most of last month seemed almost like a continuation of a cold and dreary winter, this spring so far has showed great promise, and we cannot be more excited for it.  However, with the onset of warm weather and good times, pests are lurking right around the corner, looking to put a damper on everything.  We invite you to join us today, as we highlight some of the pests you may see this season, and how to defend against them to keep your spring happier than ever!


Ticks are the bane of any outdoors activity, as they have the tendency to latch on when you least expect it.  It goes without saying, but these small critters can seriously pack a punch, as some of them carry Lyme disease, and a majority of those disease-carrying ticks live in our area.  Now, just because they may be out there, does not mean that you should cancel all your outdoors plans this spring.  Instead, just be sure to cover up whenever you head outdoors, and be sure to check your entire body when you return for ticks.  When checking, put emphasis on your armpits, legs, groin, and scalp, since these are all places where those creepy crawlies love to hide.  Simply remove them as soon as you can should you find one.


Ah the mosquito—the harbinger of warm weather and real itchy spots on your body.  You can love the spring, but we bet you heavily dislike these critters.  To help prevent these guys from putting a damper on your spring plans, try to wear an insect repellant containing DEET, or set up some citronella candles around your yard.  Both work for trying to repel these critters, but be sure to take the time now to remove any standing water from your property, as it serves as a breeding ground for these pests.  In addition, if you are pregnant or trying to become pregnant, we highly encourage you to avoid southern Florida, Puerto Rico, and Brazil, as all of these areas are still battling with the infamous Zika virus.  Most of them have it under control, but an ounce of prevention is still worth a pound of cure.


You’ve seen them covered in a recent edition of Wacky Pest Wednesday, but it is still worth noting that the bee is a very common spring time pest.  No need to be as alarmed as the other two pests, but just try to be aware that you will see these guys flying around more often,  the golden rule with bees is not to bother them, and they will stay away from you.  Simply let them pollinate, and then enjoy the fruits of their labor—honey—from a local farmer’s stand.  You’ll thank us later.

Spring is a wonderful time for many things, and pests would have to agree.  However, no need to let pests interfere with your springtime plans, as when you’re armed with the right knowledge, they pose no risk to you.

For more pest control tips or to set up your own customized pest defense plan, give us a call today!

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